Citizen Code Python

Citizen Code Python : Embark on a gamified, immersive, and educational adventure.

Solve puzzles while learning computer programming in Blockly and Python, for free and at any age!
Citizen code Python

Citizen Code Python comprises:

More than 100 educational activities spread over three seasons.

A gamified interface to learn to code in Blockly and Python:

  • discover (and deepen) your skills in Blockly computer programming or in Python;
  • master instruction sequences, “for” and nested loops, variables, functions and algorithms, and conditions;
  • validate levels and earn Citizen Coins and rewards to develop your city and personalize your avatar.

A free experience accessible to all:

  • thanks to an easy-to-use, intuitive and totally immersive interface, which requires no prior programming experience;
  • adapted for all uses (individually, with friends, or in school) and available for computer or tablet.

Stimulating exercises calibrated by experts in digital education:

  • to introduce, enrich and deepen each concept step by step, stage by stage;
  • Exercises created in collaboration with France-iOi, official coach of the French team at the International Olympics of Informatics (iOi), and TRALALERE, an expert in digital pedagogy.

Certification by Open Badges:
The programming skills acquired during each season are validated by Open Badges, certified by Amazon Future Engineer.

To make computer programming accessible, and raise awareness of digital professions as an extension of school programs:
supporting the development of programming skills defined by the National Curriculum.

Citizen Code Python Saison 1

Jump into computer programming by coding in Blockly and Python, solve the exercises divided into seven episodes, develop your first programs, triumph over nested loops and get the Apprentice Coder Open Badge.
Topics covered:
– sequences and repeating instructions
– “for” loops and nested loops
– conditions

Citizen Code Python Saison 2

Deepen your skills in and master programming syntax in Blockly and Python. Create algorithms, define your own functions, and complete dozens of fun activities to earn your Junior Coder Open Badge.
New concepts covered :
– markers and variables
– functions and algorithms
– “while” loops
– booleans

Season 3: Exciting new exercises to deepen your programming experience and other surprises.
Exam Mode: Evaluate your programming skills and identify specific exercises for further study.
Class management mode: Assign specific exercises and view your students’ progress live, in a few clicks.