Citizen Code by Tralalere

Citizen Code makes digital culture and programming accessible to all

Citizen Code makes digital culture and programming accessible to all. Discover the Citizen Code suite – simple and free, for any age. Three courses, meeting the educational requirements of the French National Education system from first to last grade, in terms of digital learning and citizenship.

Citizen Code was created by people who are passionate about active pedagogy. It introduces digital culture and computer programming in Blockly or in Python. Everyone advances at their own pace with interactive and fun activities.

These digital resources are compliant with the schools national curriculum.

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activities on Blockly
and Python

Discover digital courses, turnkey and modular, aimed at children from 7 to 11 years old. Introduce them to major themes of digital culture such as pixel art, data and computer programming

CitizenCode Teen

Make 11–15 year olds aware of digital jobs through two immersive workshops offering an introduction to the basics of computer programming in Blockly.

Citizen Code Python

Get to grips with the mysteries of programming through more than 100 fun challenges. Learn to code in Blockly and Python at any age. Master loops, variables and conditions.
The course uses video game concepts to engage players: earn rewards, customize your avatar, and value your skills with the Open Badge certification system.

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